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Charlie Richman
2005-01-06, 16:36
Quoting Stuart Grimshaw <stuart.grimshaw (AT) gmail (DOT) com
>>On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 09:20:20 -0500, Yan Tran
<yantran (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:
>> I saw some posting with regards to AM radio
>> interference and have confirmed that it is a
>> problem with my unit as well. It was due to
>> having a coax audio cable connected to it. When I
>> switched to an optical connection the interference
>> disappeared.

>Unfortunatly, that's not an option for me as the
>amp. I'm using with the slimp3 has no optcal in.

It seems that the interference is actually generated
by the power supply, and is passed through your
squeezebox/slimp3 to the stereo electrically if you
use coax or RCA connections. From there it can be
radiated quite effectively to the AM radio receiver of
your choice ;)

I don't have optical inputs either, so I spent $11 at
eBay on a no-name 5 volt 2 amp regulated p/s and
spliced the original p/s connector on to it. Works

Charlie Richman

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