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2018-05-31, 11:56
Just trying to get my Squeezebox Touch via USB to the ADI-2 DAC.
EDO is installed on the Squeezebox, so something should come out at the USB output.
When I plug the USB cable into the ADI-2 DAC the following is Shows
USB Sync. conn, SR 44.1, State 2/2 and there is nothing at bit.
If I switch to USB as source it appears SR 768 and internal clock.
So a correct USB connection seems to be established, but there is nothing to hear, though.

I use the USB cable supplied by RME.
Server is LMS 7.9.2

Here's the test I've taken.
I swapped the touch for a second touch. But same result
Another USB DAC was used -> but same result
RME connected to a notebook, RME driver installed, squeezeplay started -> this works -> ADI-2 DAC works in principle.

Does anybody have any idea what else I could test? Why don't they get along?
It's not super important, the touch works great with S/PDIF, but if something does not works, this bugs me.

Thanks for any help. Much appreciated!

2018-05-31, 23:53
Did you have the DAC connected to the Touch, power up the DAC (switch to USB input), wait for DAC to be ready, then power on the Touch?

You need to change the EDO setting in the Touch to output to USB Digital (don't know the exact label in the menus as I m not at home now)

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Man in a van
2018-06-01, 01:54

travelfotografer's advice is sound (see what I did there?:p ).

It might be worthwhile to uninstall the EDO and do a factory reset on the SBT and then a fresh install with the dac connected and switched on.

But your problem raises another question.

What is the other dac that failed to connect?

The EDO applet is not guaranteed to work with every USB dac.

Normally; it does work if the dac is Linux compliant, which I believe the RME is (nice bit of kit by the way, it's one I have thought about myself, I hope to try one out later in the year:)).

I have not been able to find any information either about the dac used by the RME or the USB receiver chip.

So, if you are connecting it corectly (and have the output volume set to max) there is the possibility that it simply does not work with the EDO.

If you have access to a raspberry pi try installing a squeezelite player (either on Raspbian Stretch-Lite or piCorePlayer) and connecting that to the dac. Do the install with the dac connected, switched on and USB input selected).

If you have a Linux computer, that should also work without loading a driver.

Good luck


2018-06-01, 04:20
Thank you both.
I will try this procedure.

I would suggest for more clairity that we close here and discuss this further in the official EDO Thread which I found after I starten this thread.
Sorry for any inconvinience!

P.S. Probably moderation can move these posts to the EDO thread? Thx.