View Full Version : No time anymore

2018-05-30, 23:55
After a powerfailure, my SB Radio does not display the time anymore (also not on the bottom of the display if it is turned on).
The alarm clock does work btw.

The alarm goes af exactly 7 hours after plugging in the power, but it does not show when it will do so as it does not show or know the time.

Anyone any clue on how to get the time back on the box?

More info:
In the server info display it states it tries to ping to the mysqueezebox.com ip addresses and fails to do so. So, I tried on my laptop, this also cannot ping the ips the name resolves to. Is this somehow related? Does it connect out to that to get the time?

More info:
Anything goes, so I updated the box, now it shows the time again! \o/