View Full Version : New feature asked : Using Google Music as the default library ?

2018-05-21, 01:24
After a crash of a local disk where all my music was stored, I decided to upload it on a cloud and I chose Google Play Music (because it is free).

I can now use the squeezebox application "Google Music" to keep on listening music on my multiple squeezeboxes.

But, I would like to mask this migration of the localization of the storage.

Would it be an improvement to configure squeezebox server to map the "local" library to a remote one, in my example this managed by the squeezebox google music plugin ?

What do you think of this new feature ? Would it be interesting ? Is it achievable ?


2018-05-22, 08:43
In short No I don't believe this is possible unless you can persuade Google to implement NFS sharing (which they won't).

LMS scans the files on the server to build its database. The scanner logic is based on normal local or network file paths. There is no way it will be able to read the contents of a cloud based server that doesn't announce itself via the recognised protocols.

Instead why don't you download the Google files and then set up constant mirroring for backup purposes ?