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Percival Sweetwater
2018-05-11, 13:27
Hi, I just bought a Squeezebox Radio from fleabay. It's in excellent condition, and was easy to setup, once I remembered the passwords. I updated the firmware to 7.7.3-r16676. Everything works on it, except it won't play flac files, which are the majority of my library. It's just white (or pink) noise.
I am running LMS on an Odroid C1+, and have two other Radios, two Booms, and a Touch, all of which play flacs fine. I have checked all the settings in LMS against one of the other Radios. I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't find it. Does anyone have any ideas?
Btw, it plays .ape files OK.

2018-05-12, 02:41
Flac files at what bitrate? Iirc the radio natively decodes flac.

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2018-05-12, 02:49
What is your filetypes settings for flac ?

What kind off flac CD standaed or hirez ?

Bitrate limiting activated on that radio ?

Wifi ? What signal stregth is reported ?

Percival Sweetwater
2018-05-12, 03:11
Solved it! At one time I was playing around with the C-3PO plugin, and eventually disabled it on all players.
By default, the new Radio had this enabled. It's now disabled, and the magic world of flac has returned!
Thanks, guys.