View Full Version : pCoreplayer 3.5, WIFi, BT & other questions

2018-05-10, 06:03
Hello All,

my scope is to build a reliable WiFi Raspi3 LMS headless client to work as alarm radio clock, connected to a BT speaker.

I have tried Max2Play, it works for a while, and then stops for no reason (apparent), so the chances to oversleep and be late at the office are high!

I had ruled out PCP before, but now I see it supports BT audio.

I know it must not be on at the same time, but I have a USB BT dongle, and so I do not need the on-board BT.

The onboard WiFi should connect to another Raspi acting as AP with hostapd.

Is this setup supposed to work?

Last question, what is the difference between the standard install and the Audio Optimized one?

thanks for reading,


2018-05-10, 09:20
It should work, but alot of wifi devices/drivers are not bluetooth compatible. Even if both are external devices.

Which rpi board are you using? The new 3B+ would be preferred, if you can get a 5Ghz AP running that would be ideal. Then you could use internal wifi and internal bluetooth.

These features that you are using is not for the Audio kernel.

2018-05-11, 03:57
These features that you are using is not for the Audio kernel.


thanks for your kind reply.

You mean I should avoid using the Audio Optimized version, or only that I have no gain using it?


2018-05-11, 10:13
The audio version will decrease stability in a wifi environment.