View Full Version : piCorePlayer v3.5.0 / Wifi IP: is missing - reboot or connect required.

2018-05-10, 03:48
Hey guys,

i am trying to set up a Raspberry Pi 3 as a Squeezebox for LMS 7.9.1, but have problems with establishing a Wifi-Connection so i would appreciate every comment and help you can offer.

The Rasbperry Pi is connected via Lan, but when i try to connect to W-Lan i get this error message:

Wifi IP: is missing - reboot or connect required.

Obviously i tried rebooting multiple times but it doesn't help.

What does this message mean and what can i do to correct it?

Paul Webster
2018-05-10, 04:58
Go to pCP Wifi Settings page and verify your settings - in particular the SSID.
Also - are you using the RPi internal wifi?
If yes - then is Bluetooth turned on?

Click on Diagnostics to get more info

2018-05-10, 05:08
I Checked the SSID and changed it so there would be no blank spaces and instead replaced those with underscores, which did the trick. Everythings working now and i'm am enjoying the music across my flat.

Thanks and this Thread can be closed.