View Full Version : url format for Tunein - Wyoming Classical

2018-04-29, 06:58
Hello -

I listen to a 256k feed from Wyoming Classical Radio at this url -> https://wprhqstream4.uwyo.edu/kuwl256.mp3

I want to add this to my favorites in Squeezebox.

I went to the tune-in app, and found the Wyoming Classical feed, which I added to my favorites,

but it is 128k. ( http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s36401&formats=aac,ogg,mp3,wmpro,wma,wmvoice&partnerId=16&serial=b4c82869eda503d0156f8c28090643b0)

Can I change this so SB receives the 256k feed ?

Any ideas appreciated --

Bill Clark

Paul Webster
2018-04-29, 09:50
Try, from the web interface, going to Radio/Tune In URL
and put your stream URL in there - and play it to your Squeezebox device.
If it works then you can use the menu from your device to select the currently playing stream as a Favourite.

2018-04-29, 19:10
Paul - It worked ! I am so happy and thanks for the input..

Bill Clark