View Full Version : Ipeng needs Duet controller to stay connected

2018-04-22, 09:01
I have an odd problem. It seems that unless my Duet’s controller is on, iPeng wont find the receiver.

I realize that the controller is needed to setup the Duet. However, I would like to box the controller after setup and strictly use iPeng thereafter. But after about half a day or so, iPeng will then loose connection to the receiver until I simply turn on the Controller, then iPeng will auto connect to the receiver.

Anyway I can achieve this?

Eric Seaberg
2018-04-29, 15:28
My duet works fine with iPeng and I rarely have the remote on. Have you posted where iPeng is listed?


2018-04-30, 12:14
He's been in contact with me. This is not related to iPeng.
The problem is, that the Receiver loses the connection to MySqueezebox.com when it stops playing.

I haven't seen this with any other receiver, it feels quite odd.