View Full Version : Squeezebox radio not connecting to MySqueezebox.com

2018-04-21, 09:16
I have the same issue as others have reported - my Squeezebox doesn't show the normal menu, only Now Playing, My Music and Settings, and I can't connect to Internet radio or my favorites. There's a red icon in the bottom right hand corner, whether I'm connected via Wifi or ethernet. I can get Internet radio to work via the Web Remote Control, but the "Orange Squeeze" app on my Android phone doesn't connect to MySqueezebox so I can't get favorites from that either. I've done a software update on the Squeezebox, still no difference. This only started happening 1 or 2 days ago (i.e. starting 19 or 20Apr18)

2018-04-23, 11:47
All working again (23Apr18) after 2-3 days off