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Matthias Schnizer
2005-01-05, 13:06
Thanks a lot for the quick and thorough answer to my questions. Enoigh to
keep me busy another night


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> Hi everybody, I am new to Slimserver and related plugins, tools and
> products. I am running Slimserver (latest version) on a windows
> platform and are evaluating features and performance with Softsqueeze.
> So far I am very excited about the possibilities but I am having some
> few issues and questions, hoping that I will get some feedback from this
> 1) It looks like Slimserver is a PERL implementation. However, the
> windows version is an executable. What is the "long term" impact on
> this? Are windows releases less frequent than the PERL versions? How
> about plugins etc.? Can perl plugins be used on a windows platform?
> Where can I find more info about this?

The EXE is simply a compliled Perl Interpreter will all the modules
Windows builds, along with the other platforms are built every night:

Of course, these are unofficial builds. Any official releases are done on
all supported platforms for every release.

Plugins are a bit complicated. Some of them work just fine, some require
extra modules. Any extra CPAN modules required can be downloaded and placed
in the PLugins directory along with the plugins and many will work fine. A
few stil rely on OS-specific tools, and are not fully cross-platform. The
iTunesUpdater plugin, for example, uses the Windows COM interface to iTunes
so it is for windows only. AlienBBC relies on mplayer for audio conversion,
so getting it to work on windows is a bit complicated, but there is hope.

> 2) I downloaded a windows LAME binary and put it into the /bin
> directory to be able to limit bandwidth for remote (internet) players.
> Using Windows Media Player, I still see 320 kbps in the status bar of
> the player, no matter what I configure as the limit. Even worse, LAME
> crashes every time I start a stream with limitations... seems to work with
> however, I am wondering how I can test/see whether it really limits
> the bandwidth. Any suggestions/tools out there?

http clients are sent a non-limited 320kbps silence mp3 while they are not
playing. This is currently a hard-coded default, but a request has been
logged to have that conform to the required bitrate limiting as well.

go into server settings, debugging. check d_source and click change. Then
play your song. open a browser to http://slimserverIP:9000/log.txt and you
will see the playback log output and the command-line used for bitrate limit
the song.

The status pane of the web interface will also show the bitrate limited
rate, if applicable.

As for lame crashing, you might be able to get some output from that if you
run the EXE from the command line:

c:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe --d_source

> 3) Internet radio - great feature. Unfortunately most (~90%) of the
> stations I tried sound like the audio track of a Mickey Mouse movie.
> What am I doing wrong?

The server expects audio to be at 44.1kHz stereo. Some internet stations
are 22kHz or mono, so they get sped up in playback. The nightly
pre-releases of
5.4.1 do have some things to help reduce the occurence of this problem, but
some streams are not fixable at this point. You should certainly have more
than 10% that work :)