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2018-04-13, 17:13
Deeply embarrassed to have to ask this... how do I bring-up a context menu (e.g. the context menu for a track in the album pane) in the WebGUI (default skin, v7.9.1, Ubuntu, Firefox)? Is it what you get to by clicking the 'M' (More) icon?


2018-04-13, 17:50

Yes, when you click on the M icon on a track in the right panel, the details about the track will show up in the left panel. Are you looking for some other information?

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2018-04-14, 01:42
Thanks for the response. Yes, am looking for evidence of the Playlist Manager plugin (which is definitely installed, according to the Plugins settings page)... What I actually see is:

Save to Favorites
Track Number: 17
File Format: MP3
Duration: 2:50
Volume Adjustment: -2.86 dB
Bitrate: 128kbps CBR
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
File Length: 2,736,334
Location: /media/music-drive/..ella_.mp3
Date Modified: Tue 1 Jun 2010, 00:24:30
Tag Version: ID3v2.4.0, ID3v1.1
View Tags
What Was That Tune?
Artist information
Album information
Local artwork

So, perhaps I should open a thread on the 3rd-party Plugins forum...

Cheers, Jon

2018-04-14, 02:11
Search is your friend.
Looks like playlist manager is not available through web GUI


2018-04-14, 02:21
Thanks bpa - believe me, search IS my friend! For this one, I resorted to site: searches on duckduckgo. Just too many hits.

I'll try Roland0's LMS Playlist Editor.


2018-04-14, 04:53
I did this

site:forums.slimdevices.com playlist manager

and the posted thread was 2nd item on Google - 5th on duckduckgo

Not many people use Google with "site:forums.slimdevices.com" - with right terms much better than the forum search