View Full Version : A user's perspective

Ralph Edington
2005-01-05, 13:04
> Granted, library management is not SS's strong suit, but it's not
> supposed to be. It's also not a ripper, an encoder, a burner or a
> general purpose web server.

Ron, I couldn't agree more. To have one program that does it all is,
unfortunately, asking too much.

Speaking of playlists, I'm shocked at how poorly 99.9% of programs handle
playlists. I was looking for a long time for a program that could take an
existing M3U file, then show me, hierarchically and graphically vis-a-vis my
entire library, what that playlist contained, and then let me modify the
M3U, again graphically and hierarchically.

The closest I came was the Muzicman program (www.muzicman.com). Its "Library
Views" are pretty darn cool -- you can manage all your "playlists" as
"library views" (graphically and hierarchically). You still have to take
that last step of saving the library view to m3u, but for my money it beats
anything else.

Although it's not perfect, I use Muzicman religiously to manage my library
and playlists. I'd be lost without it.

The fishbone skin is nice in that it allows you to remove, say, an artist or
album from a playlist -- but it doesn't show you explicitly that that album
or artist is even IN the playlist in the first place. And in a large
playlist, of course, it's difficult to "see" what's in it. That's what I
mean by "graphically and hierarchically".

If anyone has any other suggestions for awesome playlist management
software, I'm sure we'd all like to hear them. I know I would.