View Full Version : Behringer Ultra Curve Pro DEQ2496, Topping VX2 DAC/AMP, Pi3B and Chromecasts

2018-04-07, 23:58
I'm about to put the above on EBay as a job lot.
It's a bit of a pain to sell as the Behringer doesn't travel well and the other three items require seperate packaging and posting.

They've mainly been replaced by a good soundbar which performs all their functions with just one mains cable.

So in the spirit of re-using and not dumping electronics I'm offering them here at a give-away price with the proviso that they must be paid for in advance of collection by PayPal and collected here in Sutton Coldfield, UK.
Absolutely no postage considered including buyers own courier. Will not split and price is 100.00 for the lot and no returns.

Behringer DEQ 2496 equaliser used in optical SPDIF line with Topping DAC Amp. Requires some learning but comes with electronic pdf handbook and mains cable. Has a generic problem in that the internal ribbon cables between boards can work loose due to vibration. This unit has suffered from this problem in the past but has worked fine for the last 12 months.

Topping VX2 DAC/Amp has USB/SPDIF optical and coaxial inputs and can handle 24/96 audio. Comes with dc power block and paper handbook. Needs a figure of eight mains lead.

Pi 3B comes with well used case, 3A power supply, FLIRC USB Dongle and Now TV Remote. No Documentation. No Micro SD Card.
Previously used as a PiCore Player with HDMI out using Jivelite. A relatively easy implementation of a high quality player.

Chromecast Audio and Chromecast Video (Original Versions) come with a plethora of leads and power supplies including the relatively unknown network through USB power supply and optical mini jack cable for the chromecast audio.
No Documentation.

If you're interested PM me before 0000 GMT Wednesday 11th April.

2018-04-08, 01:58
Not really interested, but I presume you mean 11th of April?

2018-04-08, 02:06
Yes April.

Post corrected. Thanks