View Full Version : Help with chrome cast audio plugin

2018-04-06, 21:23
I am very new to this forum. My squeezebox duet just died. I was using ipeng to control the squeezebox. I also have a readyNas Duo V1, which runs the iTunes (firefly) server.

I purchased the Chromecast audio and replaced the squeezebox. This works fine with the google home app. Now I want to be able to also play my music library on the readyNAS.

I installed the chrome cast plugin on the readyNAS, but it keeps crashing and restarting according to the log. The settings under the chrome cast plugin states that the Configuration file missing - create one by clicking "generate" or, if autosave is on, refresh this page. Tried this without any luck.

Please help!

2018-04-08, 00:36
Iirc it restarts every time you make a change to the config (because that's how it works). In general you just turn it on and ignore it. The Chromecast appears as a player in the LMS interface (or ipeng) and you can send audio to it as normal.

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