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Joseph Hines
2004-08-10, 10:44
Well I did think about keeping playlists, and choosing
the next playlist based on the current playlist....
that could be one mode of operation.

I also thought that you could use a playlist as the
basis for your query set.

The main problem that I am looking to solve is one of
variety. I like to hear a lot of music. I don't
always want to hear the same music in the same order
(playlists) and I don't always want to hear my music
in a random, often bad mix (shuffle). So what I have
already done in Java is to have a shuffle that is
intelligent. I've been doing it for 3 years now and I
love it.

So, intelligent shuffle that avoids "bad" transitions
(like going from Rage against the Machine to Chopin)
and plays songs weighted by your preference (better
songs get played more often, but not too often).

Joe H.

--- "John A. Tamplin" <jat (AT) jaet (DOT) org> wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Joseph Hines wrote:
> > With the DB coming down the pike (Great Idea, BTW,
> > Thanks!!!!) I'm even more excited about plugging
> in my
> > code for automatic playlist generation.
> Personally, I think you still want to keep
> playlists. I did what you are
> after by choosing the next song from a given
> playlist based on the
> weighting, last play timestamp, and recent song
> history -- that way you
> can have different playlists for different users,
> moods, or other criteria
> (for example I have a playlist for background music
> when I have people
> over, which is very different from my "foreground"
> listening playlist).
> Also, you can implement the way you describe by
> having a playlist of every
> song in your collection, so it gives more
> flexibility.
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