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Dan Goodinson
2005-01-05, 03:27
The microwave is a sure-fire way to cause SB to crash and reboot. We
always kind of knew this, but we proved it fairly early on in our house.
The crash was really that - a crash. SB fully shut-down and rebooted.
The symptoms kind of suggest that the other reboots may be related to
some sort of interference, and so we've changed channels a number of
times to try and avoid it. Currently running on ch13, since this is at
the top end of the scale and doesn't get hit so badly by microwaves or

End of the day though, all other wireless devices in the house aren't
affected anything like as bad. If the problem truly is purely
interference, then nothing else in the house is affected now - just SB.

As for USR, yes - this is definitely a possibility. Although in general
when I make router changes (which require a restart of the router), SB
simply loses connection for a short while and then reconnects when the
network is back. I'd consider this a "graceful" restart. (Not even a
"restart", in fact). The thing that concerns me is the complete crash
and restart (e.g. display goes dark, then I get the "slim" splash
screen, then it cycles through the connection process) - this definitely
isn't "graceful" and indicates a serious issue (either a burst of
interference, possibly a hardware issue, or something else as yet
unidentified). I like the idea of using ethereal to capture what is
going on - I'm going to get onto that when I get home ;)

I was chatting to another guy on this list who uses same USR hardware as
me and doesn't see any dropouts at all plus a further guy who
experienced same problem who WASN'T using USR, so it's certainly not a
USR-specific issue. When I talk about the stability issues, this is
what I mean.

But maybe this should belong on a different thread ;) Sorry for the
hi-jack :) Back on topic......

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>I guess it depends on how many users have actually reported a problem
>with reboots. If it's only 1% of the customer base, then I can
>understand that this is probably low priority :-(

I think the difficulty is not the numbers of people who have
problems, but the fact that systems are so variable (machine, OS,
network quality, etc.) that it's hard to diagnose or even to debug.

Just as one example, with the way I currently use the Squeezebox
(primarily for mp3 s made from radio programmes) the only dropouts I
have come from use of the microwave. The Squeezebox usually loses
contact with the server when my computer has been asleep for a long
time, but only then. This was a hassle with one of the old versions
of the firmware as I often had to disconnect the power and reconnect
to get it working. Nowadays, though, when I have this problem I just
hold the power key down until the display says "Restarting ..." and
it then goes through a process at the end of which it has recovered.

Maybe I've just been lucky.
Daniel Cohen