View Full Version : For Sale - 2 x SB Radio and 1 x SB3 (faulty) - UK

2018-03-30, 09:36
These aren't being used nearly as much as they should be so it's time they move on to a new home

2 x SB Radios, both barely used.
1 x SB3 (Logitech front branding, Squeezebox on the back). No PSU or remote (PSU failed, but I think it works fine otherwise)

Open to offers on them, no idea what they're worth!

I'm keeping the trusty SB2 though :)

Feel free to email me Andrew at tinymice.co.uk with any questions or if you want pics.

If no interest here, I'll resort to ebay


2018-04-01, 01:58
You have a PM.

2018-04-02, 02:04
Both SB Radios now sold, SB3 still available