View Full Version : Squeezebox refuses to let the server sleep . . .

2018-03-28, 10:19
. . . if I tell the computer with the server to sleep the squeezebox tells me that it has lost it's connection with the network (obviously) . . . but as soon as it does so it wakes the computer.

Windows 10. New computer, so new problem.

Any ideas?

2018-03-28, 13:58
What sort of SB?

In the firmware settings of the computer (or maybe in Win10 directly), can you check power management settings? Usually machines can be set to wake up from ethernet on any broadcast traffic or on WOL packets only.

Waking on WOL only is usually what you'd want.
Although your client (or another one...) could indeed be sending a WOL packet. Squeezelite, iPeng can do that AFAIK, the Boom and perhaps others do that at least ahead of alarm time...

2018-03-29, 00:22
Thanks, that has let me send the computer to sleep.