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2005-01-04, 17:15
Well, unfortunately consumer network devices that you "simply plug in and
they work" don't exist per se. Remember that there are hundreds of
manufacturers of network equipment and thousands of models of access points,
network switches, etc, and no way for Slim to test every single combination
that exists.

Have you even tried contacting Slim technical support to help you in
troubleshooting the problem? They hardly say "it's on you" when you have a
problem. The worst thing that might happen is that you have to return the
product for a refund.

I would recommend that since you hint at your product being connected
wirelessly you try direct connecting the Squeezebox to your PC/server with
an ethernet crossover cable and give both devices static addresses such as for the PC and for the Squeezebox. If everything
then works wonderfully then the problem is likely in your network.


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I too feel like Graham, only my problem is a bit more deep rooted. I bought
a SB which I managed to get up and running in a relatively short period of
time, and loved it. I used it for about 9 months with no problems to speak
of. Unfortunately I had to reboot my computer (From scratch, with a full
system reload), and lo and behold I now cannot use my SB>

I have tried everything I can think of. I have followed advice from others
in the forum,(the reason I joined), but still the same old message "Cannot
find slimserver.check software is running!

I am in no way a computer expert, nor have any programming knowledge. Why
should I? Isnt this after all a consumer item. No one says "buy it its
brilliant...............but only if you are a computer scientist!"

There are no instructions about connecting to a wireless network. Going into
firewall and opening ports! Setting up manual IP addresses! Pinging the SB!

Like Graham.......why cant I just open the box, plug in the SB and it works?

You guys are all talking about using it display this, run
that.............can i just get mine to do what it is supposed to do? ie
Play my tunes! I read in the forum recently, that a guy in Sweden ordered
SB, got it delivered in 3 days, and couldn't get it to connect either There
cant be many "Consumer" products around that you cant use yet the
manufacturer can wash their hands and say "Its down to you!"

Where are the instructions (In common English please), that tell you how to
fix this problem?

My SB connects to my Wireless network in 2 seconds, but cant find the
software to run it.

Sorry for the rant, but I am so P####D off.