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Michael Haan
2005-01-04, 16:38
I've had this issue at various times across 5.3.1 and 5.4.  It almost always amounts to a momentary buffer drain (generally a few seconds).  The server box literally does nothing but serve slim.  I'm in the process of building a mythtv box with loads of memory and an AMD64 3800+ cpu.  If that doesn't fix it, I'm running an OC3 between all the rooms.

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>Subject: [slim] quick summary of 6.0 changes?

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>Steve Baumgarten wrote:

> > To the people seeing dropouts on wired connections: do you see these

> > when the server is simply streaming music (i.e., not being

> > asked to do

> > anything, even refresh a web page) and the CPU is not loaded? Because

> > if so, then something is really pretty wrong somewhere.


>I have a dedicated server which only runs slimserver. Well, sometimes I have

>Laplink running so I don't have to keep running downstairs. It is a WinXP

>system with a 1.4Mhz processor and 512MB of ram. My library currently has

>17,330 songs in it. The problem is most apparent when playing FLAC or Apple

>Lossless files. Of course, in these cases, there are additional processes

>running (Quicktime or LAME). However, it will happen with mp3s


> >

> > (Turn off the rescan interval, if it's on. And there's also a mod to

> > disable the period cache flush to disk. With these things

> > disabled, the

> > server will become completely dedicated to playing a stream

> > of music and

> > responding to IR commands from the remote -- it won't

> > suddenly decide,

> > oh, I have to do some disk intensive stuff to do now and get involved

> > long enough for the stream to stop. Under these circumstances I'd be

> > surprised to hear that dropouts still occur on a wired connection.)


>Ah, but they do. There is definitely a reproducable dropout when library

>scanning occurs. But, sometimes it just happens at irregular intervals

>independent of the rescans. I have made the rescan interval arbitrarily

>large (several days), but I still have periodic unpredictable dropouts in

>the sound which last for just a few seconds. In fact, none of my dropouts

>last more than a second or two, even if a scan is in progress.








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