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2018-03-18, 20:24
hi all, Iíve recently decomissioned most of my Squeezeboxes, and have decided to part with my Squeezebox Boom. Iíd like to offer it for sale here before putting it on ebay.

I purchased the Boom new in December 2009.

It sounds great ó no sign of the speaker/surround problem Iíve read about here. It was used daily for background music in our kitchen. We never cranked it.

Overall the display looks great. Iíd say itís started to dim a little across the middle horizontally, but not badly.

Happy to power it on and send pics of the unit and display, just PM me. Iíve already removed it from mysqueezebox.com so it can be registered to a new owner. I *might* have the original box, just havenít searched the attic thoroughly yet.

Original remote and power cord are included.

Iím not looking to make a killing here, just want a fair price and for it to go to a great home in this enthusiast community.

Iíll be traveling into next week, so I could ship it after that. Will send standard insured ground shipping to lower 48 US states, and will accept USPS Money Order or Paypal.

Itís a sad day, but I think you guys will make better use of my Boom than I will.