View Full Version : quick summary of 6.0 changes?

2005-01-04, 16:08
Steve Baumgarten wrote:
> To the people seeing dropouts on wired connections: do you see these
> when the server is simply streaming music (i.e., not being
> asked to do
> anything, even refresh a web page) and the CPU is not loaded? Because
> if so, then something is really pretty wrong somewhere.

I have a dedicated server which only runs slimserver. Well, sometimes I have
Laplink running so I don't have to keep running downstairs. It is a WinXP
system with a 1.4Mhz processor and 512MB of ram. My library currently has
17,330 songs in it. The problem is most apparent when playing FLAC or Apple
Lossless files. Of course, in these cases, there are additional processes
running (Quicktime or LAME). However, it will happen with mp3s
> (Turn off the rescan interval, if it's on. And there's also a mod to
> disable the period cache flush to disk. With these things
> disabled, the
> server will become completely dedicated to playing a stream
> of music and
> responding to IR commands from the remote -- it won't
> suddenly decide,
> oh, I have to do some disk intensive stuff to do now and get involved
> long enough for the stream to stop. Under these circumstances I'd be
> surprised to hear that dropouts still occur on a wired connection.)

Ah, but they do. There is definitely a reproducable dropout when library
scanning occurs. But, sometimes it just happens at irregular intervals
independent of the rescans. I have made the rescan interval arbitrarily
large (several days), but I still have periodic unpredictable dropouts in
the sound which last for just a few seconds. In fact, none of my dropouts
last more than a second or two, even if a scan is in progress.