View Full Version : Squeezebox playback keep stopping - pauses and/or stops completely.

Adrian D
2018-03-12, 09:49
I’ve been having ongoings problems with playback on my home LMS set up which produces either silence or skipping to the next track. The problems are most often gaps in the audio output – it stops for anything up to about ten seconds before starting playback again at the place where it stopped.

I’ve got LMS installed on a Rasberrypi 3, which also hosts a player (both using PiCorePlayer 3.2) as well as two other original squeezeboxes (a Touch and a Radio). Music is stored on a local NAS.

The stalling problems usually come when I’ve synced two of the players, but sometimes come independently.

Sometimes though it simply just plays ten seconds of a particular track before it switches to the next.

Restarting LMS on the pi and removing all the syncronisations usually, but not always, sorts the problem out, but it is very annoying. I had this problem when I had LMS installed directly on the NAS (but I have since installed it on the Pi to as my NAS was not compatible with the new Spotty plugin).

Does anyone have any idea as to settings that I might change to sort this out – buffers or anything?

Thanks in advance!

To recap, the system comprises:

A Raspberrypi 3 with (Picoreplayer 3.2) which hosts the LMS server v7.9.1 and a player (via a HifiBerry DAC+) - wired connection to the router..
A NAS containing lost of FLAC files (a Synology (ds212+) - wired connection to the router).
A Squeezebox Touch - wirelessly connected.
A Squeezebox Radia - wireless connection.
Control usually with ‘Orange Squeeze’ using an Android Tablet or Smartphone.

2018-03-14, 08:50
If only use wired players , do you stil have the problem ?

Adrian D
2018-07-08, 02:01
I didn't realise anyone had replied to this, but FWIW it looks like the issue was related to home network bandwidth issues and possibly an issue with Spotify/Spotty.

The problem usually occured when we had lots of guests in the house - which of course coincided with when we might want extra players in the network - along with a range-booster to extend the wireless to the end of the garden (where we use an old Android phone running SqueezePlayer & some battery speakers).

If it was just the family in then it worked fine - even with Spotty. But with lots of guests and Spotty there were continual buffering.

I'm not sure what to do about it, but it looks like it's not specifically a LMS / Squeeze issue.