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2018-03-11, 21:35
My duet has slowly faded out of use due to the connivence factor of all the other tech we have. However, I have a couple rooms with in wall speakers Iíd like to put to use to play music with.

The things we use are music off our iPhones, pandora, sound cloud and amazon music. We have several Alexa devices and one google home. I tried to use the Chromecast Audio but it seems like you had to have premium subscriptions to be able to play that way.

The speakers are all ran to a closet downstairs. If I could get The Alexa devices to connect to the speakers as her output everyone would be happy. I do have coax and cat5 to each room but donít know if itís possible to send the audio output of the echo over 50 feet.

The other option would be to get the iPhone to connect with the speakers. Again the amplifier is 50 feet away and not every app has a way to cast what you want to play.

I have read about the pi projects and there are so many different options but I donít know what would do what I wanted. For instance can Alexa control it. Do they play pandora sound cloud amazon music and Apple Music?

Does anyone have their 2 cents to chip in?

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2018-03-12, 10:26
Since all of your speakers are wired to a central closet I would get a multizone amplifier like this one: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10761 to power your speakers and provide inputs. I would then get an echo dot for each room to act as a source and name it for the room you want music to play in. This way you can tell Alexa to "play Pandora in the master bedroom" and Alexa would start the Pandora stream via your echo dot named "master bedroom" and output through your master bedroom speakers. Finally, I would setup the Shairplay2W plugin on your LMS and plug your Duet receiver into another input on the amp so that you could airplay whatever services are not available through Alexa (like Apple Music) from your iPhone to the room you want to listen in.

2018-03-12, 10:35
Sorry, looks like it is "ShairTunes2W" plugin http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?106289-announce-ShairTunes2W-Airtunes-on-LMS-(forked-version-with-Windows-support)

2018-03-12, 14:12
Thatís a great idea. Do you have personal experience with this amp?

The only downside I see to it is where to place the wall jack with the input. I have the cat 5 ran to a box down low which is good for the echo out but the rest of the features wonít be very useful.

Could use the Alexa volume adjustment?

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2018-03-12, 14:36
I found a manual for the amp and I originally thought the wall plate was going to give me a headphone port to plug in my Alexaís too. But thatís not the case. So after further reading what your saying is get additional dots and put them right next to the amp and then use the existing Alexaís to control the new dots? Is that what your saying?

Can The existing Alexaís change the volume on the dots? ďAlexa turn down the living room volume?Ē

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2018-03-13, 10:37
I have not used this amp but have been doing some research for a similar application. I was suggesting get additional dots and plug them directly into the multi-room amplifier with the name of the zone or room. You would then use the dots in the rooms to tell Alexa to play the music in each room through the speakers:

"master bedroom" dot ->multiroom amp->master bedroom speakers
"living room" dot ->multiroom amp->living room speakers
"kitchen" dot ->multiroom amp->kitchen speakers
Squeezebox Duet ->multiroom amp "PA" input->all speakers

This way you can tell Alexa from any of the other echo devices to "play Pandora in master bedroom" and it would only play music through your dot named "master bedroom". I believe you should be able to use the volume control built into Alexa directly so the keypads would not be required at all. The keypads would be convenient hardware controls in each zone but it looks like you could get the same functionality using this app and the required wifi to RS232 adapter https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monoprice-whole-home-audio/id1168858624?mt=8