View Full Version : Yet Another Volume Issue With a Squeezebox 3

2018-03-11, 15:23
All -

Got up this morning to the right channel on my SB3 significantly quieter than the left. After quick troubleshooting and a look here, I see it's a known problem, requiring the replacement of some caps. (The SB3 is at least a decade old.)

But I also have an old SPDIF DAC, so I dug it out, hooked up the TOSLINK connection and was back in business. Sounds fine to my antique ears.

So is there any reason at all to fix the analog outs, other than a compulsive need to have everything in spec?


2018-03-11, 15:44
I think you answered your own question..

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2018-03-12, 12:03
Replacing your SB3's C16 and C20 capacitors is one of those things you just have to do before shuffling off your mortal coil, like swimming with dolphins. I've just done it, and I'm a better person for it. That said, the technical view is that the DAC within the SB3 is of a certain quality, and if it's better than your old SPDIF DAC then you may benefit from getting it working again.