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2018-03-09, 16:31
With some great help from this forum I managed to set up a few rPi's and also an LMS, all based on piCorePlayer.
All the players have 7" or 3,5" touch screens, but the server has none.

I thought it would be nice to have a small 16*2 or 20*4 LCD screen on the server case with the ability to show the current status of the server, amount of connected players, IP address, temperature, etc. etc.

When looking for information I found plenty tutorials to setup an LCD on a 'regular' rPi installation, but I didn't manage to find it for the TinyCore version.
I don't mind doing some research, but I need some starting points. Could you help me with that?

Is LCDproc a right way to start? I found a nice tutorial here:


Or would it be better to work with python, like here:


And where could I retrieve the needed information? Because piCoreplayer is running entirely in RAM, what would be the right location to search for the current server-info?

Sorry if this is much more difficult to answer than I think it is, but it surely would look nice.... :)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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2018-03-10, 00:20
Information on LMS state would be queried from the server cli via IP (e.g "echo command | nc server:9000).

For other things you'd use vgencmd to get pi temp data, or grab some code that pulls weather data from an internet service or something. Or even get a cheap hat/am2320 sensor and measure it live yourself by connecting it to gpio pins.

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2018-03-12, 14:07
DJanGo, I can follow your thoughts.
I have enough different displays (according to my girlfriend that is :rolleyes:), but I like something about the simplicity of a small display.
Maybe it would be easier to emulate a 16*2 LCD display on a 'modern' TFT screen....

Greg Erskine
2018-03-12, 14:24
hi bvlet,

Have you seen the Slimmer project? Do a search for Slimmer in this forum.

There is also a link to it on our pCP projects page.



2018-03-19, 17:08
Ah, no, I missed that!
I'm going to look into it and see if it can be used!

Thank you!

2018-03-19, 23:17
In the Slimmer release bundle, there is an LCDd (lcdproc server) compiled for Raspberry PIs and also the required startup files for piCorePlayer. Using the install guide in the Slimmer wiki, you can install only the LCDd (with some unix knowledge). If you want, I can send you the lcdproc client, which displays time, cpu load, memory, network info and so on as rotating screens. I never tested that client, but it should work.