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2018-03-05, 07:19
My setup of three duets had been behaving perfectly for a couple years, so I knew some inexplicable problem was overdue.

It started last weekend, in the middle of a song, suddenly the speakers emitted a horrible high-pitched buzz, super loud, nearly as bad as a fire alarm, but at a lower pitch. Like being stabbed in the head with an ice-pick. It came from all three sets of connected speakers throughout the house, and pausing with remote or web browser control didn't help. It finally stopped when I skipped to another track and it played music normally. Since then, however, it buzzes for half a second every time I skip a track, or when I reboot the computer and Squeezecenter starts up automatically (but doesn't play) and the buzzing starts, and a couple more times in the middle of a track. Why the F, why?

I guess I could try installing an update done by the community here. I'm impressed that the support continues, despite the fact that the hardware seems to be dying off slowly. I'm trying to hold on to this system as long as I can, mainly because I like the Duet remotes -- I hate that all other systems want you to use your phone as a controller now. I don't like carrying my phone around the house, I have to just let it be and charge it sometimes.

Any advice appreciated!

2018-03-05, 09:43
Not sure I understand: you have three Duets and they are synchronized? If so, try unsynchronizing them and play one of the other Duets to its local speakers to see if the problem is still there. Report back.

P.S. You should also update LMS to the latest nightly:

2018-03-05, 20:26
Yes, all three were synched. I just went ahead and installed the update, that seemed to fix the problem, at least for now. Thanks!