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2005-01-04, 13:35
We (the company I work for) regularly stream very high quality G711 encoded
voice over IP audio over wireless networks and don't have trouble. The real
challenge/opportunity is in building a very reliable RTCP based statusing
system into the delivery processes so that you can know exactly when you are
receiving network issues and correlate them to audio dropouts, etc.

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> kdf wrote:
> ...
> > The frank reality is that the dropouts are known, and may
> or may not
> > be solved by the db. they are not, however, the goal of
> the db. Many
> > people, including myself have no problems with dropouts. I
> expect the
> > ultimate solution for that is a more robust reporting structure for
> > streaming performance so that network issues can be better detected
> > and resolved. Heck, for all I know 802.11 may just not be
> solid enough to guarantee what it claims in all cases.
> This is my opinion as well. 802.11b as a protocol and from a
> gear quality perspective is just not there for streaming.
> It's great when it works, but the factors that can make it
> not work are legion.
> Open question, maybe a write up on how to use SoftSqueeze to
> pre-check a site's wireless streaming capabilities is in order?
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