View Full Version : [MAC] Slimserver not picking up iTunes library

Joe Hickey
2005-01-04, 13:22
On 4 Jan 2005, at 20:00, s. ben melhuish wrote:
> Joe Hickey wrote:
>> I thought this had been fixed, but on my system (Mac OS10.3.7, latest
>> 'public issue' slimserver (5.4?), iTunes library, approx 9000 songs,
>> on
>> external FW800 drive) every time the Mac starts up or restarts my
>> slimserver says 0 tunes in the library, I have to force a rescan.
> I had similar symptoms (iTunes's XML database was on the internal
> drive,
> but the MP3s were on the external drive); my tentative theory was that
> the drive needs to be mounted before SlimServer starts scanning.
> If the external drive is mounted in the startup process, and you're
> comfortable editing configuration files, I believe there's a way to
> make
> the SlimServer startup script depend on the successful completion of
> (say) your mount-the-external-drive startup script. I don't have the
> details at hand right now.
> -- S. Ben Melhuish

On my system all the iTunes stuff (library, music, .xml) is on an
external drive called iTunes. I've done a symbolic link from
~/Music/iTunes -> /Volumes/iTunes for both user accounts (two users,
both accessing and seeing the same iTunes folder... my way of syncing
iTunes libraries for different users). The start up script fiddle
sounds promising, I have no idea about config files though!