View Full Version : LMS Browser window NOT showing the correct track playing.

2018-03-01, 09:11
Would love to know why this is happening .. seems to have cropped up relatively recently but is pretty consistent.

The track that LMS "appears" to be playing is always one ahead of what is actually playing.

I have attached 3 screenshots, showing the LMS main screen, the "actual" track being played on the main PC (which has LMS installed) & one from Synchronizer which shows the group of players etc

Thank you

2018-03-01, 12:12
I was seeing a similar problem a few weeks ago, a boom and the web interface were showing one track ahead or behind what was actually playing (can't remember for certain). At some point I used the remote to skip back a few tracks then forward, and it fixed itself. Running LMS out of git, currently at git commit 184cc480a0cb1acab9fcefcb7ab47489b25a70b7 on Dec 8.

2018-03-02, 09:02
I see this occasionally.
A new playlist sometimes sorts it but sometimes a server restart is required.