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2018-02-19, 15:31
I just changed ISP from EE to Vodafone. The headline message here is DON'T GO TO VODAFONE! -for so many reasons that are mostly beyond the remit of this forum, so I'll stick with the Duet.

My Duet system has worked perfectly for years. Moreover the Logitech server - I have two, one running on my ReadyNAS server and one running on a Windows 10 PC, work perfectly too. I can play music from either source to both the Duet and to my Samsung smart TV. Then I changed ISP and got a Vodafone broadband router like this one:
Now nothing works. To be specific, the Duet controller: it can see the WiFi beacon and will 'connect' insofar as the WiFi password is accepted and it can 'see' the name of the music library on the target machine. However, it cannot connect to the library. Either library. By way of an additional diagnostic, the Samsung TV gets one step further - it gets to see a ist of artists and albums, and can play any one song, after which the router completely disconnects from the TV and won't be 'seen' again unless I power cycle the TV and get it to look for it again.

I've looked a lot on the Vodafone forum for this issue and it seems it's been running a long time. Between 2015 and 2017 I find messages from people speculating that the firmware in the Vodafone router has a bug that prevents it from implementing DLNA. The most recent message is from a guy whose Sonos system won't work with it either. Some say maybe there's a bad batch of these routers, since, it is rumoured, some people have got it working. Personally, I have a Masters in Comp Sci and 35 years working in networked multimedia and I can't get it working to save my life. However, it's always possible that 'that thing' I don't know is THE thing that will persuade this piece of cr*p to work after all. Meanwhile no, Vodafone won't tell their customers what the login credentials are so I can't switch back to the reliable EE router; I'm stick with the VF dog.

This is one for any Duet Ninja's out there I fear. I have tried everything I can think of - changing channel numbers, frequency range changes, blood sacrifices to the Sun Gods etc but getting the Duet to talk to this brick isn't happening. So - constructive suggestions please?!!!!

Thank you in advance, Ninja's all!

2018-02-20, 01:18
All systems are WiFi or a mix of wired and wireless? Via switches or direct from the VF router?

Unticked isolate wiFi clients?

Get a proper access point and use the pointless Vodafone POS as a modem only. I haven't used an isp-provided router actually as a router for two decades, and funnily enough I also had two decades of no problems with my router...

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2018-02-20, 07:21
Did you factory reset both the Duet controller and Duet receiver and try setting up from scratch? If the Duet receiver was properly reset, front button held until fast red blink (about 15 seconds), it broadcasts it's own wifi beacon (SSID is MAC address of Duet receiver) and the controller connects to the receiver directly to provide it the security info for your wifi network that you set on the controller as part of the setup process. Once the settings are accepted by the receiver the receiver hotspot stops and it will connect to your wifi network.

2018-02-20, 08:31
Thank you both!
DrMatt's idea was along similar lines I was being hounded to try out. I started on your plan but first found getting just one more mains plug in the area was an issue - honestly! Then I tried adding my own older router to the network with it's own WiFi channel and Beacon ID. It didn't work because I was thinking of a dedicated Wifi link for the Duet, instead of switching off the VF Wifi completely and attaching all devices to the older router and using the VF as a modem only as you suggested. Doh!

Meanwhile W3Wilkes input got me thinking and set me off to check the tiny details of setting up. Both these approaches led me. albeit circuitously, to a solution. Here's the outline:
1) I have no idea why the Duet receiver would not connect to the VF router initially. I brained myself, not to mention broke my heart, over several days of trying. Eventually in desperation I did a full reset on the Duet receiver. That didn't help, in fact it made the problem worse insofar as initially I could get album details and track listings on the controller, but after the reset, nothing. Still, a reset is irreversible so I was stuck with it.
2) After countless countless attemps to get it to work I made a bizarre observation. a) the VF router is inexplicably designed to make all of it's controlls inaccessible if it goes offline. So, if you lose an internet connection you can't configure any aspect of it, including it's local WiFi, until it gets itself online again. b) - astonishingly, the act of switching on the controller knocks the VF router offline. I sh*t you not. Approximately 7 seconds after the handset plays it's little sign on melody, the VF drops the internet and it takes at least 5 minutes to return. So tuck that in your back pocket for a moment and I'll return to it in a moment.
3) I found that waiting until the internet came back online and the VF hub was paying attention again before I proceeded, when I go to the Choose a Player menu on the controller, instead of just picking the one choice (I only have one player), I instead pressed and held the button several seconds, a new dialogue appeared asking me for an IP address for the player. THis had been blown away by the reset, so I re-specified it. Then it connected properly and voila - music is played!

However, there are two conditionals here. If I try to use the Duet handset, a) I lose the internet for 5 minutes or more and b) the icon in the handset's lower right corner flashes in very rapid succession between the white wifi symbol and the orange symbol. In fact it strobes, like it's trying alternative connection technologies and failing and flipping between the two. My solution? - I use the 'Squeezer' controller app on my Android phone. It doesn't break my internet and it's interface doesn't go bananas when I use it. Sad not to be able to use the controller, but the main thing is I have music in my life again!

Thank you!!

2018-02-20, 12:05
I've not used my duet controller for years. There's even scripts around that allow you to initialise the receiver itself without one. When the duet controller boots it scans for the private WiFi that it uses to talk to the controller. The fact that this kills your vf router is a bit nuts, but there we are.. that's ISP routers for you.

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2018-02-20, 22:48
Wonder if OP even has a private LAN anymore some isp does wonderful thing to “help” and “support”.

What’s the ip addresses it handles out ?

Can the settings of this router be accessed ? Note that duet does not support ac or n WiFi standards. When I used these products I set up both the reciever and controller for fixed ip so that I avoided dhcp , maybe that’s not needed nowadays with modern routers ?

Is this not more of a Vodaphone issue ?

* bridge the thing and use your own router ( so that you use the adsl modem part ).
* if there just an incoming Ethernet cable you can toss it completely there is no need to use any isp supplied stuff in that case.