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2005-01-04, 10:41
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> kdf wrote:
> ...
>> The frank reality is that the dropouts are known, and may or may not
>> be solved by the db. they are not, however, the goal of the db.
>> Many people, including myself have no problems with dropouts. I
>> expect the ultimate solution for that is a more robust reporting
>> structure for streaming performance so that network issues can be
>> better detected and resolved. Heck, for all I know 802.11 may just
>> not be solid enough to guarantee what it claims in all cases.
> This is my opinion as well. 802.11b as a protocol and from a gear
> quality perspective is just not there for streaming. It's
> great when it
> works, but the factors that can make it not work are legion.
I have tried to keep out of this, but I just want to make it clear, that the
dropout problem is NOT an 802.11 problem, or at least not solely an 802.11
problem. I and others suffer from dropouts with a wired network. It least
some of the dropouts seem to be related to library scans, but then others
happen at random times. So, those problems might well be reduced by the db.