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2018-02-18, 05:36
hello All,

one of my SBs, a white SB3 with the old logo SlimDevices, died yesterday and I'm very sad.

Last time it was seen alive, it was frantically rebooting each time it tried to play something.

I tried reviving it pressing +/1 on the remote, but no, nothing worked.

Still, I cannot believe it is finished..

The power adapter reads 5.25 volts, so it should not be responsible.

Is there anything inside worth checking? a fuse?

thanks for reading,


2018-02-18, 06:25
A common fault with SB3 is WLAN card dying or becoming unseated and this will prevent SB3 from booting. If PSU is OKish - then red led seen in digital port.

SB3 can work without an WLAN card so you could open your SB3 (needs a torx screwdriver) and remove the WLAN card and then see if the unit boots.

Blog of a SB3 repair.

2018-02-18, 08:15
thanks, BPA, I'll try it.

2018-02-18, 09:30
Also, make sure you measure the PSU when under load. It may show a good voltage when it isn't driving anything but could drop way down when requested to actually do what it's supposed to, supply power. I recently replaced my PSU, it delivered an OK voltage when disconnected, but fell below 3V when connected to the SB3.

2018-02-19, 04:24
In my experience over the years, it has ALWAYS been the Power Supply Units. I have bought probably 10 - 15 [ we have over 20 players of sorts]. I only ever had one unit fail (a touch screen, replaced under warranty). You will get 5v under no load, but when the PSU fails it won't supply the current. Your symptoms look like a PSU failure because as soon as you try to do something, it calls for more juice and fails.

Try another PSU from a working (other) SB3, or buy one - at least 2A rating. Plenty on Amazon (wherever you are). 10 bucks.

And if you fix it, please post back with the cure. Good luck.