View Full Version : quick summary of 6.0 changes?

Phillip Kerman
2005-01-04, 10:05
I get short dropouts with the wired network (not talking about wireless).

Is this really the list of priorities?

"The main goals of the SlimServer project in the near term, in rough
priority order, are:
* Stability and performance - No crashers, quick startup, no skips,
less memory usage.

If so, I think this list should be revisited. They need to be addressed in
order or you'll constantly be chasing random issues. I realize that some
people don't experience the dropouts, but I think they're worse in more
recent builds.

Incidentally, I don't see a ton of people chiming in with random pet issues.
Rather, the sense I'm hearing (and it's not like there's a debate
here--we're all on the same side) is that the core features are important.