View Full Version : How to replace rotary encoder of volume knob

2018-02-05, 18:31

the volume knob of one of my radios no longer works as expected. Turning the know to increase the volume often lowers it and it's also started to just jump randomly which is no fun at night. Using the remote always works as expected.

Therefore I would like to replace the rotary encoder as I guess that part is the culprit. Does anyone know whether a compatible rotary encoder is still available?


2018-02-06, 15:32
You might have to strip it to find out what it is. I have also on an amp previously stripped it and cleaned inside with electrical cleaner. Last resort if you canít get a replacement.

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2018-02-06, 15:54
I already tried to clean it without opening the rotary encoder but it got worse a few days later, so I would rather replace it instead if trying to open it (never done it) but it's probably not easy to find an exact replacement.

2018-02-11, 10:15
I also had a radio that developed the symptom’s described, the volume pot (rotary encoder) didn't always respond. If you put pressure on the control it seemed to kinda work correctly.
Sounded like a poor connection on the circuit board. I disassembled the radio, removed display cover and circuit board then re-soldered the volume control connections on the circuit board. The connection feeds thru the board so it required top and bottom re-soldering. Put radio back together and now volume control works correctly again. Hope that helps.

2019-02-28, 14:04
I did some research and finally found an encoder which fits perfectly: https://www.mouser.de/ProductDetail/Bourns/PEC12R-4217F-S0024?qs=Zq5ylnUbLm4JwhQ%252B2%2FgAFA==

After exchanging my faulty one with this Bourns encoder everything works again. The only negative thing is the push feature, which requires a bit more power when pushing down.