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2018-02-03, 04:44
Remember when your SB player could channel LAN access from wifi over to its ethernet port?

Recently I needed a Pi3 that would drop in any LAN and start OpenVPN bridging with a remote server. The server used an anonymous bridge (=no IP address) to prevent any risk of subnet clash. The Pi3 client was running piCore (was it v. 9.0.3?)

Over at the Raspberry Pi forums there are waves of people wanting to bridge their LAN through a Pi 3 connected over wifi. Tired of endlessly repeating "you can't do that", I decided to post a setup (https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=204361) that would make use of an anonymous bridge and OpenVPN to tunnel an L2 bridge over the wifi link.
In other words, a virtual 2-port switch: one port plugged to the main LAN, the other plugged to a remote physical segment, and a wifi client connection as switching fabric (ouch!)

The setup I posted uses Raspbian on the Pi, but I know for a fact it works with piCore, hence piCorePlayer (just dispense with the dhcpcd silliness).
For the server side I believe any platform capable of bridging and running OpenVPN will do, e.g. your LMS server machine.
While testing for robustness and latency I did put an SB3 behind the Pi and sync it with other LAN players in the same room. That worked nicely indeed, thanks to LMS and slimproto.
On the Pi the openvpn process uses little CPU, system load averages to 0.7 under heavy use (multiple video streams+music).
So perhaps this setup could be of use to some here.

And if you're thinking "Now, why would I do that?", let me just say it's one of those things: if you have to ask, it's not for you. I'm not doing that either ;)

2018-02-06, 14:38
Id love to see this built into piCorePlayer

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2018-02-06, 14:55
Id love to see this built into piCorePlayer

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I think I saw this done on the forum