View Full Version : [ANNOUNCEMENT] "WEATHER 4SB" - a weather screensaver for SB Touch/Controller/Radio

2018-02-01, 02:43
Announcing "WEATHER 4SB" - another weather screensaver for Squeezebox Touch, Controller and Radio.

Homepage: http://weather4sb.my-sb.rocks.

Service will be kept running as long as there is sufficient interest. To give your support, simply subscribe on the homepage!

And enjoy!


2018-02-03, 08:30
I think a subscription model for a discontinued, deprecated, and mostly community supported ecosystem for information that is freely available is going to be a hard sell for most.

2018-02-13, 05:56
A gift for all Squeezebox lovers available today at https://weather4sb.my-sb.rocks.

Happy Valentine's Day! :rolleyes:

2018-08-15, 09:42
After a long and exhausting search with much trial and error regarding SDT apps I found this good replacement for the broken internal weather screensaver:

Installation is rather easy.
Multiple flexible settings.
The app is combined with the "image viewer" in Squeezebox.
The main advantage for me is the independency of a parallel running PC or other server.

2018-08-15, 10:00
Will this work on a pi with pcp?
Does this also work in Europe?

2018-08-22, 14:25
Will this work on a pi with pcp?
Does this also work in Europe?

Yes, Weather 4SB works also in Europe.

I am not familiar with the "pi with pcp". Is the Image Viewer screensaver app, which is available on the standard SB (Touch/Radio/Controller), also available on this platform? If yes, Weather 4SB will likely work on it, otherwise not.


2018-09-03, 14:19
Good news for Apple/iOS fans:

As of today Weather 4SB provides the possibility to display photos, not only from Flickr, but also from photo albums shared in iCloud, on your Squeezebox - offering a convenient way to view/share recent photos with family and friends!


2019-01-06, 14:21
Google Photos now also supported.

Enjoy! :rolleyes:

2019-03-11, 08:21
I just payed, now the website is offline:eek:

Paul Webster
2019-03-11, 10:42
Web site at https://weather4sb.my-sb.rocks/ appears to be working