View Full Version : Odd behavior of preset buttons when switching LMS sources

2018-01-31, 08:59
I'm using LMS@raspbian for testing purposes and configured Kidsplay for all devices.
On my LMS@Windows I simply press a button and the processing of the programmed action takes place (Play xxx favorite). When I do the same with the same SBR while connected to LMS@raspbian, I need to press firmly before the processing of the programmed action starts. I've already put the SBR back to factory defaults, but no change. With another SBR this behavior doesn't show up.
Tips welcome :-)

2018-01-31, 10:27
Maybe you have assigned your action to the long pressed buttons on your LMS@raspbian?

2018-01-31, 10:43
Maybe you have assigned your action to the long pressed buttons on your LMS@raspbian?

But how can I do this? And as I mentioned on the other SBR it is working fine!

2018-01-31, 14:18
The last one is easy: It's another server and therefore another instance of Kidsplay running. ;)

I took a look at the code and as I understood, only the generic preset buttons are allowed, so no "long pressed" option, sorry :(

And now, as I'm runnung out of ideas, I'd call that behaviour odd, as you. :confused:
But maybe you could take a look at the experimental UI settings of the given SBR and check if there are any differences when running under the two LMS:

2018-02-07, 11:30
The problem vanished after some days. The only thing that I've changed was to deactivate KidsPlay for this device, days ago. Inbetween I've used the standard presets for the buttons. Today I've turned on KidsPlay with the option "KidsPlay action or noaction".

Unfortunately not --- Everything working as designed :-)

I've shut down the server, after the system was back and LMS available, the odd behavior came back. I really don't understand this. I've played again with the KidsPlay settings, but this time I wasn't able to get it working.

In the meanwhile I've uninstalled Kidsplay and deletetd the prefs file, but this didn't solve anything. Now KidsPlay isn't working at all :-/

Maybe someone has an idea ...

2018-02-16, 14:11
I've figured out, that the odd behavior was caused by an improper start of the LMS. There were no hints or errors, but accidentally I'd to restart my pi twice and then KidsPlay was working as expected.