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Ed Hughes
2005-01-03, 23:35
Not sure if this is related, but it appears that /update/picks.pls is
no longer available on http://update.slimdevices.com

>It sounds like your server is getting wedged trying to connect out to
>an internet radio provider. Do you have a software firewall (like the
>one built into windows xp) that might be configured to block outgoing
>On Jan 3, 2005, at 7:19 PM, Steve Pingry wrote:
>> I'm having trouble accessing the "Internet Radio" on my Squeeze Box.
>> I have the latest Slim Server software and have turned off my fire
>> wall. Also, I have directly connected my computer and Squeeze Box to
>> my hub that connects to my cable modem (I removed my linksys fire wall
>> / router to take that out of the equation). Each time I navigate to
>> the "Internet Radio" and then choose one of the selections such as
>> "Slim Devices Picks", the Squeeze Box displays "Loading Slim Devices
>> Picks..." and then "Problem: Lost contact with SlimServer. Check that
>> the software is running.". If I add a station to my playlist (like
>> ShoutCast - The 80s) and then select that through the Squeeze Box it
>> works fine.
>> I've also downloaded and can run the SoftSqueeze program written by
>> Richard Titmuss. It acts exactly like the real SqueezeBox and also
>> "locks up" after displaying "Loading Slim Devices Picks".
>> I'm suspecting something isn't configured correctly on my network
>> card. I have an Intel Pro/1000 CT for what it is worth.

Dan Sully
2005-01-03, 23:52
* Ed Hughes shaped the electrons to say...

>Not sure if this is related, but it appears that /update/picks.pls is
>no longer available on http://update.slimdevices.com

Thanks Ed - this is fixed now.

There was supposed to be a big kaboom.