View Full Version : Will not connect to server

2018-01-20, 11:32
Hello everyone

I'm hoping that you have some ideas to help me.

On restarting I can't connect to LMS -- it just says "waiting for"

Diagnostics initially say that the media server is running and that all ports are OK, but then after about 15 minutes reports that access to Port 9000 has failed.

I have reinstalled the server (v.7.7.5.) I'm using Windows 10. There has been no change to firewalls.


2018-01-20, 12:24
Removed old LMS and reinstalled. Everything is fine now.

It's fabulous how LMS always seems to come out right in the end! Much appreciated.

2018-01-20, 12:33
I had a similar issue yesterday. Deleting and reinstalling did not work. What I ended up doing was restoring my computer to an earlier date-problem fixed.