View Full Version : Much dicussion on streeming DAB MLB etc, how about CDA?

2005-01-03, 15:38
> I guess the main reason would be that I would wish to sample
> a CD before ripping it, or let's say a firend brought a CD to
> my house and we wished to listen to it. I would not legally
> be allowed to rip it as it is not my CD however I would be
> able to listen to it. If I was able to stream a CD then I
> could do away with my CD player completely (assuming my PC CD
> player could extract audio as well as my domestic separate CD player!
> Matthew

It is still perfectly accepteable for you to do a quick rip of the CD (on my
system ripping a full length disc takes maybe 15 minutes) then listen to it
and delete the files when your friend leaves. Nothing illegal about that
(that I know of).