View Full Version : Much dicussion on streeming DAB MLB etc, how about CDA?

Matthew Horn
2005-01-03, 15:34
> not currently. I dont believe there are any plans to support
> this directly.
> There is a feature request to support pc audio line input,
> which would likely allow this kind of thing indirectly.
> However, the point of slimserver to replace the need for cd's
> and cd players by streaming audio files stored on your
> server. When this has been asked before, the usual reasponse
> has been why are you still using cds? ;)

I guess the main reason would be that I would wish to sample a CD before
ripping it, or let's say a firend brought a CD to my house and we wished to
listen to it. I would not legally be allowed to rip it as it is not my CD
however I would be able to listen to it. If I was able to stream a CD then
I could do away with my CD player completely (assuming my PC CD player could
extract audio as well as my domestic separate CD player!