View Full Version : Duet stops at end of a song, sometimes after 5 songs, sometimes after 50+ songs

2018-01-07, 03:18
Receiver has wired ethernet, comptroller is internal wifi to receiver. Windows 7. Version 7.7.5. Comptroller says 77. Wireless signal 80%.

I'm playing FLAC's from Tidal. Sometimes it will stop after only 5 songs. Other times it will play for hours without stopping.

When it stops I just have to click "next" and it starts back up again fine.

Any obvious quick fixes?

(I know there's a 7.7.9. Do the changes in it have anything to do with my situation perhaps?)

Many thanks!

2018-01-07, 03:33
How about local files ?

If they are ok you can at least isolate the problem to the Tidal implementation?

2018-01-07, 03:44
Thanks for your reply.

I don't recall it ever stopping with local files.

How would I troubleshoot the Tidal implementation?

Regarding Tidal, I could also mention that at odd times, if I click the M for more information, I'll start getting a Tidal Error message every time. Other times it works fine. That doesn't bother me that much, but figured I'd mention it in case it gives a clue to the stopping problem.

2018-01-07, 11:19
I have the same issue with Spotify on my two Duets and my Boom.

I have not listened solely to local files to know if it does that then. I've been on the latest 7.9.1.

2018-01-19, 01:21
I should add, I use the PC connection, because I've never been able to establish a reliable connection to the website. Could that have something to do with it? I don't actually understand the pathway of the music and/or the pathway of signals from the comptroller, insofar as whether they go through my actual computer.

Are they any particular logs that would be relevant?

From the prior post, reporting the same problem with Spotify, it would seem that my issue is not a TIDAL problem per se. Unless each implementation has its own separate issue causing the same symptoms lol.

2018-01-23, 09:29
I have had a similar "problem" with a Duet unit I am using for a headphone rig. I am running it wireless and within visual view of the router with 100% shown in LMS. While playing local files it stopped between songs but a click on the GUI got it going again. It also seems to lose its signal from the router, it fades in & out with about a 3 seconds of silence, not sure if that's the reason though, I would think it buffers the signal. I was going to try to hardwire it & maybe trade it out for a different unit, got a couple of backup units. Apart from that it's playing great.

2018-01-23, 15:35
Just to add to the confusion, I have not experienced this issue on Spotify now for the past couple of days. Could Michael have waved his magic dust over the most recent iterations of Spotty and/or LMS 7.9.1?

And to add to my previous post earlier itt, the issue did not appear when playing only local files--only when Spotify was playing (I rarely use other online sources).

edit: I spoke too soon. My Classic stopped at the end of a Spotify track once on 1/24/18. Still, the frequency of this issue is way down for me in the past several days.

2018-01-26, 04:51
Interesting the previous post, since I had just come back to the forum to post that the stopping problem had increased in frequency the last few days. I'm using TIDAL and 7.7.5

This is the first problem I've posted for which no major assistance has (so far) been forthcoming. I hope one of the wizards can help with this :-)

2018-01-26, 08:09
I don't use Tidal but I think my recent "problem" with my Duet was that I was wireless, I have never had that problem with a wired unit. I stream from Digitally Imported and streams would stop until I tried to to bump them or they would just not respond but that was definitely DI not the Squeezebox interface hardware or software. And lately this has hasn't happened. I don't use Tidal but any problems I have had with Spotify have been with Spotify not Squeezebox. Mike's plug in works great for what I use it for.

2018-01-27, 03:30
I don't use Tidal but I think my recent "problem" with my Duet was that I was wireless,

I'm wired so the problem I'm writing here about isn't related to being wireless or not.

2018-01-27, 07:51
Can you replicate the problem on a different player? You might try to install Squeezelite on a machine and see if it has the same problem. When I have problems of this nature I always reinstall LMS and all the plugins to the latest versions reboot the router etc like a fresh start.

2018-02-12, 02:48
I googled Squeezelite and don't understand what it is or how I'm supposed to install it. I will try to reinstall LMS. Thanks!

PS: Now TIDAL has suddenly started giving me an "invalid phone number or password" message, and I can't figure out where to reenter the password. I guess I'll start a separate thread about that.