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2018-01-03, 04:05
Happy New Year 2018 and I'm happy to announce a PHP-script I've been working on during Christmas; GRUVI (.generate.random.URLs_for.viewing.images.)!

The script randomly picks a predetermined number of pictures from a chosen folder or web-server location, and resizes them to fit the SB Touch and Radio displays, with or without captions. It renews the selection after som predefined time interval, and reshuffles the order every time the script is called from the players.

Notwithstanding som other great SB image viewer utilities out there, like Picture Gallery, Image Browser, iPeng etc., the script solves some yet unmet needs I've had for a long time, like random selections of images, functioning as an automatic screen saver and photo frame, off-loading my main media server, NAS and players(runs well in the background on a small RPi3), captioning and configurability, working with the built-in Image Viewer app on the players with total independence from the rest of the LMS system and its plugins and such. The script should be fairly easy to modify for other screen sizes for players connected to the Squeezebox server as well, e.g. Joggler, Softsqueeze etc.

-Some web server(maybe also use the LMS built in web server in the future?):
-with access to the photos you want to show
-with PHP installed
-with ImageMagick installed
-which probably has to run on Linux because of my shell calls
-Some patience and time to tinker a little bit... ;-)

-Copy the contents of this zip-file(24329) to the hosted folders on the web server
-Set your wanted global parameters in the main gruvi.php script file
-Set the required execution, file and application path accesses
-Set up your players like this and choose to run the Image Viewer app as a screen saver if you like:

Then start GRUVI'n!: :cool:

Enjoy(hopefully)! :)


PS: Nice if any improvements to this script were posted back on this forum thread!

Downloadable attachment: 24329


/* Random URL image file list generator for the Image Viewer app on the Squeezebox Touch, Radio etc. with:
-Random selection of files and random shuffle of the lists between every call to this PHP-file
-Locally cached copies of the images with reduced sizes to minimize load on the LMS, players and network
-Image files hosted on a web server of your chosing and fittet to the players' screens
-Choice between images with or without capitons
-Choice of number of cached files and expiry time for reload of new batches of random images

Totally independent from the LMS server etc. No more versions or plugins conflicts, no more spinning
disks on the NAS, heavy machinery required to rund 24/7 etc... ;-)

This was my very first complete PHP-script ever, so sorry for the bad and ugly coding, without
any error or exception handling. It barely does what it's supposed to do, but gets the jobb done
for the time being, if you can get it to work. I'm on the forum from time to time, but don't have
the resources to provide any reliable support.

Feel free to copy and improve as you feel fit! I certainly did a lot of copying from a lot of
amazing resources and competent and sharing people on the web. So much research and copying
that I don't remember all the people I should be thanking.

!! Anyways, a special thanks to the primus motors on the Squeezebox community forum who keeps both
the best audio community and the best music server/player ecosystem ever still alive and kicking!!

Nice also if any suggestions for improvements to this script were posted back on this forum thread!

by vegz78... */

//Global variables
$LIST_SIZE = 60; //Number of random images to be processed and included in the image URL list
$FILE_AGE_MAX = 2500; //Time in minutes before a random image file pointed to in the list is changed
$CAPTIONS = 1; //0 = Captions OFF, 1 = Captions ON
$IMG_SOURCE = '/mnt/Some_path_to_your_images'; //Path to original large image files

$URL_ROOT = 'http://192.168.x.x/'; //Host server address
$IMAGE_ROOT = 'sbtouch_img/'; //Storage folder for images in the www-directory

//Identify player type and set corresponding player specific variables
$isTouch = false;
$FILE_NAME = 'sbradio.lst';
$FILE_SUFFIX = '.jpg';
$BEGIN_NAME = '.radio_start';
$X_WIDTH = 320;
$Y_HEIGHT = 240;
$C_HEIGHT = 22;
$P_SIZE = 10;
if(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
$playerType = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; //Identifier for the different player types
if (strpos($playerType, 'fab4') !== false) {
$isTouch = true; //TRUE if Squeezebox Touch, FALSE otherwise
$FILE_NAME = 'sbtouch.lst'; //URL list file name for the Touch
$FILE_SUFFIX = '_fab4.jpg'; //Image file suffix for the Touch
$BEGIN_NAME = '.touch_start';
$X_WIDTH = 480;
$Y_HEIGHT = 272;
$C_HEIGHT = 25;
$P_SIZE = 11;

//Check if the local optimized copies of files exist or must be created OR if they are too old and must be replaced with new images OR
//if they're too small, which is assumed to be a Gruvi fill-images from first run.
$fileArray = array(); //Array of files which should be updated or created
for ($i = 1; $i <= $LIST_SIZE; $i++) {
if (!file_exists("{$IMAGE_ROOT}{$i}{$FILE_SUFFIX}") || (time() - filemtime("{$IMAGE_ROOT}{$i}{$FILE_SUFFIX}"))/60 > $FILE_AGE_MAX || filesize("{$IMAGE_ROOT}{$i}{$FILE_SUFFIX}") < 5120) {
$fileArray[] = $i;

//Special case where no image no. 1 exists, typically first run of script, where all image files need to be generated before the player's
//image viewer starts. A background shell job for generating the correct amount of Gruvi fill-images is here generated and run.
if (!file_exists("{$IMAGE_ROOT}1{$FILE_SUFFIX}")) {
$fp = fopen ($IMAGE_ROOT . $BEGIN_NAME, 'w');
fwrite($fp, '/usr/bin/convert -background \'#0005\' -fill white -gravity center -size ' . escapeshellarg($X_WIDTH) . 'x' . escapeshellarg($Y_HEIGHT) . ' -pointsize 60 caption:GRUVI ' . escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT) . '1' . escapeshellarg($FILE_SUFFIX) . "\n");
$fileArray = array();
$fileArray[] = 1;
for ($i=2; $i <= $LIST_SIZE; $i++) {
fwrite($fp, "cp {$IMAGE_ROOT}1{$FILE_SUFFIX} {$IMAGE_ROOT}{$i}{$FILE_SUFFIX}\n");
$fileArray[] = $i;
exec('chmod 777 ' . escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT . $BEGIN_NAME));
exec(escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT . $BEGIN_NAME) . ' >> /dev/null 2>&1 &');

//Update the file for the players with the URL list for the Image Viewer applet to read
$indexList = array();
for ($i = 1; $i <= $LIST_SIZE; $i++) {
$indexList[] = $i;
shuffle($indexList); //For random image viewer starts
$fp = fopen($FILE_NAME, 'w');
for ($i = 0; $i <= $LIST_SIZE-1; $i++) {
fwrite($fp, $URL_ROOT . $IMAGE_ROOT . $indexList[$i] . $FILE_SUFFIX ."\n");

//Send image URL file to Image Viewer

//Number of image and file operations until the images and the image URL list is ready
$fileArraySize = count($fileArray);

//Start image and file operations if any images are missing or old
if ($fileArraySize >=1) {

//Traverse directory and subdirectories recursively and populate array with filenames
$fileNameArray = array();
$Directory = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($IMG_SOURCE);
$Iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator($Directory);
$Regex = new RegexIterator($Iterator, '/^.+(.jpe?g)$/i', RecursiveRegexIterator::GET_MATCH);

foreach($Regex as $name => $Regex) {
$fileNameArray[] = $name;

//Shuffle the array, and generate and run shell script to extract and resize the needed number of random new image files
$fp = fopen ($IMAGE_ROOT . $BEGIN_NAME, 'w');
for ($i = 0; $i <= $fileArraySize-1; $i++) {

//Captions ON
if ($CAPTIONS == 1) {
$exploded = explode("/", $fileNameArray[$i]);
$event = $exploded[count($exploded)-2]; //Makes parent directory available as string for caption text
$fileName = $exploded[count($exploded)-1]; //Makes file name available as string for caption text

//exec('/usr/bin/convert \\( ' . escapeshellarg($fileNameArray[$i]) . ' -auto-orient -background none -resize 480x480 -gravity center -extent 480x272 \\) \\( -background \'#0005\' -fill white -gravity west -size 480x25 -pointsize 11 caption:' . escapeshellarg($fileName. "\n") . escapeshellarg($event) . ' \\) -gravity south -composite ' . escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT) . escapeshellarg($fileArray[$i]) . escapeshellarg($FILE_SUFFIX) . ' >> dev/null 2>&1 &');
fwrite($fp, '/usr/bin/convert \\( \'' . $fileNameArray[$i] . '\' -auto-orient -background none -resize ' . escapeshellarg($X_WIDTH . 'x' . $X_WIDTH) . ' -gravity center -extent ' . escapeshellarg($X_WIDTH . 'x' . $Y_HEIGHT) . ' \\) \\( -background \'#0005\' -fill white -gravity west -size ' . escapeshellarg($X_WIDTH . 'x' . $C_HEIGHT) . ' -pointsize ' . escapeshellarg($P_SIZE) . ' caption:\'' . $fileName . '\n' . $event . '\' \\) -gravity south -composite ' . escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT) . escapeshellarg($fileArray[$i]) . escapeshellarg($FILE_SUFFIX) . "\n");

//Captions OFF
else {
fwrite($fp, '/usr/bin/convert \'' . $fileNameArray[$i] . '\' -auto-orient -background none -resize ' . escapeshellarg($X_WIDTH . 'x' . $X_WIDTH) . ' -gravity center -extent ' . escapeshellarg($X_WIDTH . 'x' . $Y_HEIGHT) . ' ' . escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT) . escapeshellarg($fileArray[$i]) . escapeshellarg($FILE_SUFFIX) . "\n");
exec('chmod 777 ' . escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT . $BEGIN_NAME));
exec(escapeshellarg($IMAGE_ROOT . $BEGIN_NAME) . ' >> /dev/null 2>&1 &');


2018-01-07, 16:06
2018.01.07: Changed startup to populate with initialization images and made shell scripts for execution in background so that php-scripts finishes and returns URL-list of images to the Image Viewer app before it times out and fails.

Suggested/wanted improvements:
-Ability to select multiple image folders
-Porting from PHP to Perl script
-Ability to run on the built in LMS web server(how to install here?)
-Ability to grab images from for instance Google Photos/Drive, Apple Photos or other cloud image storage services
-Some times the Image Viewer app when getting random images through this script seem to make the now playing album art and/or some apps/menu items icons on the players disappear. Maybe sombody knows why or how this can be fixed?

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