View Full Version : Alexa & LMS with Ha-Bridge

2017-12-26, 18:21
I just wanted to report I was able to get Alexa to work with LMS and Spotty. I use Ha-bridge on my synology NAS along with LMS. Ha-bridge accepts http commands and acts as a phillips hue emulator. You have on, off and dim functions which you can program to whatever you want. For example for proof of concept I named my command Spotify in the Kitchen and say "Alexa, Turn on Spotify in the Kitchen". My http command is for my playlist I listen to most and she turns it on perfectly. Thanks to Michael for help with the url. Here is the example of what I used in Ha-bridge

"http://youripaddressandport/anyurl?player=MACaddressofplayer&p0=playlist&p1=play&p2=spotify:user:yourspotifyusername: playlist:yourplaylistid"

fill in your ip address and port, mac id for your player, spotify username and playlist ID. You get the ID from the spotify computer app under share and then copy spotify url

You can basically create a device for anything you can do with http on LMS. I asked Michael in the other thread I started if synchronize was an option. This process can be tedious as you have to setup each command per player but it works well.