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2017-12-25, 14:40

first of all, Merry Christmas to everyone!

I've used the search function and haven't found anything quite similar, so if this is a double post anyway, I'm sorry - just post some link...

For two weeks, I'm having trouble with my squeezebox radio. When not playing music for a while (connected to power, does not matter if turned on or off), the radio loses connection (red "WLAN" symbol in the display). It then tries to reconnect and, after not being able to do so, it shows the connect to LMS screen. When in this state, the radio is slowed down dramatically, only reacting every fifth click of the wheel and showing different screens with a big delay - like the memory of the radio is full or the CPU is at 100% all the time. When I reboot the device, everything works again (until the next time that the radio is idle for a while).

I have IT background and already tried a lot of things to narrow down the cause of the problem:

I made a factory reset of the radio
I created a fresh mysqueezebox account
I turned of the LMS server as well as all other devices in the WLAN except the radio
I rebooted the WLAN router and internet modem

but the problem still persists (it cannot reconnect to mysqueezebox.com). It has to be an issue with the radio itself, not the LMS (which I run on a raspberry pi).

I've also connected to the radio via ssh and reading /var/log/messages until the error occurs, but there was no information. When in the locked state, the radio does not allow SSH connections anymore and stalls the current connection.

The bad thing is that I have another Squeezebox radio (UE with SB radio software) which shows exactly the same behaviour. So it is very unlikely to be a hardware issue.

The only thing remarkable that I've changed some weeks ago was to install the spotty plugin and upgrade to the current nightly build of LMS 7.9.1. I tried to downgrade to 7.9.0 without the spotty plugin (I even setup a completely fresh instance of LMS) but without success.

Any help is very welcome - I've really run out of ideas... Is there a way to enable further logging on the radio?

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2018-01-27, 05:00
Just in case that you have the same problem: I was finally able to detect what is causing this issue. It is a bug in google chromecast: https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/19/google-rolls-out-patch-chromecast-wifi-bug/
The chromecast sends a huge amount of requests after waking up from sleep, which makes the squeezebox radios' wiki connection stop working.
Now that I know this and turn the chromecast off after usage, I have no issues with the radios anymore. In addition, the chromecast bug will be fixed soon (maybe already is).