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Matthew Horn
2005-01-03, 13:54
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> Subject: [slim] Recommended ripping software for windows?
> It's time for me to re-rip my CD collection for use with my
> new Squeezebox, and I was wondering what software people were
> recommending these days for use on Win2k.

For me it's Audiograbber using an Internal encoder which uses the Lame DLL
version 1.32. I have set to joint stereo and VBR. I encoded the same track
at various levels and picked the lowest bitrate at which I could not hear
any difference from the original.

Audiograbber can also do line in sampling and spot the gaps for recording of
records and tapes from an external source too.

Finally it plugs in with Freedb, (the proper CD database since Gracenote
started charging developers to use CDDB)

You can get it from http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/ it's freeware too