View Full Version : DSD native or upsampled

2017-12-24, 08:46

this is not a question for a problem, but just to get ideas and suggestions and opinions.

Today almost 99% if the music is mastered at the souce in PCM 384 kHz, then resampled to several others formats, including MQA and DSD.

So... according to you, what should be the difference in buying DSD versus buying 384 kHz PCM and let the DAC or streamer to convert?

2017-12-25, 04:13
Well i would say that 99% of music is at its very best mastered 24/96 pcm , with the exception of some small audiophile brands as 2L et all

2017-12-25, 04:15
Even if you can buy 192 or 384 downloads does not necessary mean that the studio recorded or mastered it that way

2017-12-25, 17:26
I am quite sure that today most of the music is mastered at the source with DXD format...

Anyway, the question does not change:
very few master in DSD... so if we want to listen to DSD, then what is the difference between buying DSD versus buying PCM and let the streamer or the DAC to resample to DSD ?