View Full Version : Spicefly Sugarcube: Now Dead?

2017-12-02, 12:41
I had to nuke my hard drive and start everything over, including reinstalling LMS and now I cannot get the Sugarcube plugin to install. When I input "http://www.spicefly.com/media/scube4x/install.xml" into the repositories, I get this error: "Bad repository http://www.spicefly.com/media/scube4x/install.xml - 404 Not Found". Sure enough, trying to go to that web page results in a 404. And now, Spicefly Sugarcube isn't even listed at all in the 3rd Party Plugins. I have a lifetime license that I bought from cparker years ago, and I did try to email him regarding the issue and haven't heard back in a couple of days (possibly, he's just away for a few days). I looked for the Spicefly/Sugarcube forum that used to be there on his site, but it appears to no longer exist; I know that was his preferred method of support.

Does anyone know what is going on with it? Does anyone know of an alternate (manual) method to install it? This is probably the most indispensable plugin for LMS that I have used.

2017-12-02, 12:54
Okay .. never mind ..

Been trying to get this running for two days now and after I posted I sniffed around the Spicefly site some more and of course NOW I find an alternate method (of course, AFTER I posted here). I cannot get the newer versions to work (I don't at present need to remove MySqueezebox which is added in v4.85, although I almost never use it, and I don't need support for RPi because I gave up on RPi but I WOULD like the would like the "Fade Volume on Track Transition" available in v4.80) but until those later repositories are accessible again, v4.70 will at least give me Sugarcube back again.

I used the following repository link:


Maybe this will help someone else until the latest repositories are available again.

2017-12-12, 12:17
Just heard from cparker and repository links are all back working